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Blood Collection Tube VTS001

Collect and transport whole blood at ambient temperatures with this DNA and RNA blood tube. Each DNA and RNA blood tube draws in an exact amount of whole blood which instantly stabilizes DNA and RNA while inactivating any pathogenic organisms in the sample. 


Product Name:Blood Collection Tube    Code No.:VTS001

Product Description:ViShield Blood Collection Tube,10ml,Prefilled 6ml ViShield

Cat #NameSizePriceQuantity
VTS001ViShield Blood Collection Tube,10ml , Prefilled 6ml ViShield50 pack


Applicable ForNext-Generation Sequencing, qPCR, microarray
Device SpecsEvacuated 16 mm x 100 mm blood collection tubes pre-filled with DNA/RNA Shield (6 mL)
Device StorageAmbient temperature => 2 years
Sample Collection3 mL blood draw
Sample SourceWhole blood (fresh or anti-coagulated)
Sample StabilityRNA: Ambient temperature (4°C-25°C) > 1 month 
DNA: Ambient temperature (4°C-25°C) > 2 years 
DNA & RNA: Frozen (< -20°C): Indefinitely



Q1: A white precipitate occurred after thawing frozen samples stored in ViShield, is this normal?

Some components of the reagent (or sample) may have precipitated out of solution during the freeze-thaw process. Once the sample is thawed to ambient temperature, vortex the sample to bring precipitate back into solution. Furthermore, try heating samples in hand or 37°C for 5 minutes and vortex.

Q2: Do I need to homogenize the sample in ViShield prior to storage?

No, tissues do not need to be homogenized.

Q3: How to collect solid tissues in ViShield?

Transfer tissues in to ViShield at room temperature, submerge. Tissue can be homogenized or stored frozen prior to homogenization.

Q4: Can I FACS sort directly into ViShield?

Yes, sort directly into ViShield (e.g. Collect 100 µl of FACS sorted cells into minimally 400 µl of ViShield).

Q5: How long can samples be stored frozen in ViShield?

DNA & RNA (<-20°C): Indefinitely

Q6: How long can samples be stored samples in ViShield at ambient temperature?

RNA > 1 month 
DNA > 2 years

Q7: What sample types is ViShield suitable for?

ViShield can be used on a wide variety of sample types including cells, tissues, biological fluids (plasma, serum, saliva, urine), and environmental samples (feces, plants, swabs, etc.).

Q8: Can ViShield be used on extracted DNA and/or RNA?

Yes, extracted nucleic acids are stabilized in ViShield. Prior to downstream applications, clean-up the sample via the appropriate Vitaimed clean-up kit (Genomic DNA Clean and Concentrator (gDCC), DNA Clean and Concentrator (DCC), and RNA Clean and Concentrator (RCC)).

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