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Protective Goggles / Eye Shield VIES01

Product name:Eye Shield  Specification:VIES01 

Product structure and composition :Be composed of protective cover made of polymer material, foam strip and fixed device. Non-sterile, disposable. Product performance: 

  1. The surface of the protective cover shall be smooth, burr free, sharp angle free, colorless and transparent, and the wearing shall not cause discomfort to the eyes and face;The lens surface shall be flat, smooth and free of scratches, ripples, bubbles, impurities or other obvious defects that may damage vision.

  2. Adjustable parts or structural parts shall be easy to adjust or replace, and head hoop shall have good elasticity.

  3. The eye shield shall fall freely on the hard surface from 1m high with three different starting postures and the structural parts shall not fall off.The appearance of the eye shield shall not be damaged and the lens shall not be cracked.

  4. The eye shield shall not deform after being kept in water at 67 ℃± 2 ℃ for 3mins. 5.The product size shall conform to the product specification, and the specified error is allowed to be ±10% of the respective labeled value.


Product Name:Protective Goggles/Eye Shield VIES01    Code No.:VIES01

Product Description::Be composed of protective cover made of polymer material,foam strip and fixed device.Non-sterile,disposable

High quality dustproof safety goggles eye protector safety glasses for hospital

Product name
Safety goggles
Lens material
Transparent,Black or Customized
Highly welcomd
30% deposit, 70 paied before delivery
Delivery Time
7-30 days after you confirm the order
  • Packaging Details: opp bag/pair  ;12pairs/inner box  ;300pairs/carton


Protective Goggles / Eye Shield VIES01

Protective Goggles / Eye Shield VIES01

Protective Goggles / Eye Shield VIES01

Protective Goggles / Eye Shield VIES01

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