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PVC Tube Extrusion Line

Φ65 PVC Tube Extrusion Line


Product Name:PVC Tube Extrusion Line    

Product Description:1.Material:PVC 2.Output:80KG/H (For reference only,material/product size depends) 3.Tube diameter(mm)

PVC Tube Extrusion Line


1. Material: PVC

2. Output : 80KG/H (For reference only, material / product size depends)

3. Tube diameter(mm)


Operating Conditions

1. Voltage: Customized

2. Footprint: 13M (L) X 1.2 M(W) X 2.1M (H)

3. Operation: From right to left

4. Center height: 1000mm

5. Total power supply: 60KW

6. Recommended water temperature: 8℃~12℃

7. Air consumption:0.4~0.6m³/min

 PVC Tube Extrusion Line


1、ф65 Precision

2Extrusion Tooling

34M+4M Vacuum Cooling Trough

PVC Tube Extrusion Line

Medical-grade Puller

Items for Option 1: Double-station Winder(Customized)

Items for Option 2: 5HP Chiller

Items for Option 3: Laser biaxial OD Gauge

Items for Option 4: Proton OD Gauge with closed-loop control function

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