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Stool Management System SMS01

The VITAIMED®  ViUro®  Stool Management System (SMS01) protects what's important. This advanced stool management design draws from clinical insight to mitigate damage to delicate tissue due to leakage, pressure and friction.  The ViUro® SMS01 helps protect patients from exposure, tissue damage and odour.  The ViUro® SMS01 consists of a catheter tube assembly, a 60cc syringe, a collection bag, a syringe of lubricating jelly and a biological odour eliminator. The device has no components made of natural rubber latex.  


Product Name:Stool Management System     Code No.:SMS01

[Product name] Stool management system

[Specifications] /

Main structureIt consists of thread sealing interface, drainage tube, low pressure sealing balloon, stool collection bag, flusher, valve joint, φ3.0 silicone tube, etc.

[Product performance] Breaking force: the joints of stool management system should be able to withstand the force of 15N;


Resistance to hydraulic leakage: the product should be leak-free at 10kPa pressure.

[Scope of application] It is used for defecation of patients with constipation.



Stool Management System SMS01Stool Management System SMS01

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